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Plastic hose joint

It is a kind of joint developed for soft PVC hoses. The hose is inserted into the socket, and is pressed by the pipe through screwing the nut. Compared with other hose joints, its structure can improve the reliability of preventing water leakage and hose slippage.

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ISO clamp joint

It is used in the machine tool industry. Its locking structure can effectively solve the problem of uneven tightening force, to ensure that the piping works can be carried out simply and accurately.

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Metal seal joint (NTFF)

It is an upgrade of the VTF(VCR) joint that has been used for more than 20 years and is used in the pipeline of high-purity gases of semiconductors. In the past, the pipes were distorted in construction, and fine particles were produced when tightening bolts or nuts, this problem has been solved by using the clamping method. These products meet the requirements of *ROHS directive.

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Multiple manifold

The multiple manifold can be divided multiple pipes without welding joints. Its structure can not only prevent leakage at welding positions, but also eliminate the welding and other processes, and effectively reduce the flow resistance of the internal fluid. In addition, the multiple manifold can easily be oriented, and its body can also be forged into other shapes other than straight-through shape.

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