Quality Policy

The purpose of our work is to provide customers with a more suitable piping system, through continuous supply return to customers, to obtain customer recognition. To this end, we always grasp the changing requirements and expectations of customers, and strive to delve into the products and services customers expect.

Products, regulations, standards, equipment, organizations, systems, etc., as a means to achieve an end, are often modified and even changed as needed, so the quality management system also needs continuous improvement.

We have always been customer-centric, clear goals and remember responsibilities, ideas, plans and "3-for -3 breaks", and work with "reasons for ourselves.


"What doesn't make customers happy is not work.


"Things that don't find interesting" are not work.


"Unprofitable things" are not work.


"What you don't want to be better, do better" is not work.

It is our company's job to make customers and us feel grateful to each other from the heart.

People work hard for this kind of work and get praise like "thanks to you" from people who support us. For us, life can't be happier.

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