Piping Systems

Industrial machinery

We can provide customers with pipes suitable for all fluids and applications, from low pressure to high pressure and from low temperature to high temperature.
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Civil construction machinery

The high pressure piping systems have been used in construction machinery for more than 70 years.
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We can develop various products based on fluids and applications, and provide piping systems for iron pipe assemblies, modules, etc.
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Rolling stocks

In the field of railway locomotives, in addition to ensuring safety, we can also provide maintenance-free piping systems.
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Analytical and measuring instruments

We can provide valves, joints and other fittings for various systems in the measuring machine industry.
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Energy industry

We can provide products certified by various government agencies for safe use in high temperature and pressure environments.
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Food and pharmaceutical preparations

We can provide piping systems for maintenance, including necessary regular cleaning and sterilization.
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We can provide products that are certified by the Classification Associations for safe use in low temperature and high pressure environments.
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Other industrial machinery

In the field of working machinery with rapid performance improvement, we can develop box-type units and provide energy-saving pipes.
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